Monday, August 6, 2007

Save money on food, by eliminating waste.

Does anyone else waste a lot of money by throwing out food that has gone bad? I always go grocery shopping with the best of intensions. I stock up on fruits and vegetables that I intend to eat soon, but by the time I am ready to use them, or finish eating them, they have gone bad.

When I clean out the refrigerator, I through away more food than I would like to admit. I am always trying to save money on just about everything else, but when it comes to food, unfortunately a lot of our money ends up in the trash.

I am very excited to report that I may have found a solution to this problem that will end up saving my family a lot of money. Yesterday, I saw a TV commercial advertising a product called “Green Bags” by Debbie Meyers. The advertisement claims that these bags will prolong the life of fruits and vegetables up to ten times as long. The bags control humidity and moisture build up, which discourages mold, bacteria, fungus and decay. They also help reduce vitamin loss by up to 50%.

Last night I went to the web site, and bought 20 of these bags for $9.99, and the bags can be used 10 times each. I will let you know if they work.

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  1. I have a thing that I bought for my fridge that is good for killing bacteria on your fruits and vegetables. I buy a lot of organic fruit and the fruit would rot after about a week and I would end up spending way too much money for the fruit to go bad within a week. I started doing my research and ran across the product I have in my fridge. The name is a Mini Mate and i have only had it for about 4 weeks now but I love how much money it is saving me on my fruits and even my lunch meets seem to be lasting longer and its almost like I can taste the freshness in the meat and fruit. This is just a recommendation but if you think this is something you like then look at the website and buy one!