Wednesday, March 11, 2009

TIP: Feed the gang for $2 pp!

SAVING TIP: Eating in is clearly less expensive than eating out. Our staff put our heads together to come up with some meal ideas that we estimate to be about $2 per person. Such as:

Mary J suggests: Grilled cheese, fries and salad. ½ Loaf of bread on sale ($1), half a pound of cheddar cheese ($2), Bag of frozen French Fries ($3), head of lettuce (75 cents), ¼ bottle of salad dressing (75 cents), tomato (50 cents), cucumber (50 cents) = approx $8 or $2 per person.

Sandy B suggests: Breakfast for dinner. Box of cereal ($4), ½ gallon of milk: ($1.50), 4 bananas ($1.50), 6 eggs scrambled ($1) = approx $8 or $2 per person.

Robyn S suggests: Chicken Fettuccini Alfredo. Pasta ($1), Jar of Alfredo Sauce ($2), Two large chicken breasts ($4), Loaf of garlic bread from the bakery ($1.50) = Approx. $8.50 or $2.15 per person.

What's your favorite cheap meal?

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