Friday, March 27, 2009

Earth Hour is tomorrow: Sat 3/28 at 8:30 PM

Earth Hour is tomorrow at 8:30 pm - that's the hour when we're supposed to turn off/unplug as much electricity as possible and save the earth a little energy. Last year I realized how many "things" I had plugged in that were using electricity, that I rarely ever used. For example, my fax machine! Once I unplugged them, they never got plugged back in. Only the stuff I use regularly got plugged back in. If everybody eliminated a few "energy vampires" like these, think how much we'd save.
Give it a try for one hour tomorrow at 8:30 PM. Maybe you'll discover how much you love candlelight. Or how putting on an extra sweater or snuggling under a blanket is a fun alternative to turning up the heat. I'd like to hear your experience with Earth Hour - what did you find out?

Check out these photos of the city of Chicago during Earth Hour 2008.

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