Monday, March 31, 2008

Did you participate in Earth Hour?

Did you turn off your lights for Earth Hour? For one hour on Saturday, the World Wildlife Fund asked people around the world to reduce their electricity use. At home my husband and I unplugged and turned off everything we could, including my scanner in my home office, which I didn't even know was on. It really made me aware of how much incidental electricity I use every day. It was really easy to participate, too.

Cities around the world, including Chicago, participted and turned off the lights on major landmarks and tall buildings.

And it appears that it made a difference. I read on that local utility Comm Ed reported that Chicago saved an estimated 420 tons of carbon dioxide by turning off the lights.

Next year, I'm hoping to get the credit union involved in Earth Hour in some way. We are closed on Saturday evenings, so we are already powered down for the most part at that time. However, perhaps we can celebrate Earth Hour a little earlier on Saturday - before closing time? Of course, we have to consider security so we'll have to plan carefully, but there must be something we can do even if it's a small step. Let us know if you have any suggestions!

Meanwhile, it's great to see the conversation that the WWF started. Here's looking foward to next year.

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