Thursday, July 3, 2008

Declare your Independence from High Gas Prices

I love this stuff. This article from suggests ways to cut and maximize your use of gas so that your average cost per gallon drops to $1! Below is a summary of the ways to save, but read the entire article here.

How to Pay Less Than $1 For Gas
The average price of gasoline in the United States has topped $4 a gallon, and won't peak until it hits $4.15 in August, according to the latest government prediction. (The last prediction: Gas would peak at $3.73 in June, so take it with a grain of salt.)

We've seen
11 straight weeks of record price increase. Oil is threatening to rise to $150 a barrel, according to Goldman Sachs. That's 50% higher than the milestone of $100 a barrel that some analysts thought impossible just a few months ago.
Some areas of the country, like California, are already seeing gas prices rise toward $4.50 a gallon.

That has some speculating we're in the midst of a bubble bred by greedy speculators. Everyone else is just trying to save a few pennies on gas.

Here are five road-tested ways to save money on gas. Of course the more gas we save, the less pollution we create, and the less beholden we are to those who control the oil supply.

1) Take public transportation. Sure, it costs money to take the bus or subway. But consider this: The average U.S. commute is 16 miles, and at these prices the average U.S. passenger car will go just 11 miles on $2, a typical public transit fare.

2) Car pool. Share your trip to work with one other person and split the bill. That's like paying $2 for gas, instead of $4. Put a third person in the car, and the price per gallon drops to $1.33. With a full car of four people, the cost is just $1 a gallon.

3) Pay nothing: walk or bike. Every mile you pedal or stride saves you gas, saves you money and puts you in better shape.

4) Trade in for a fuel efficient vehicle. If you must drive, replace your gas guzzler with a fuel-efficient model.

5) Drive smarter. Start by checking your tire pressure and inflating your tires to the appropriate level. Visit your mechanic for a tune-up if you're due. Be sure to have your tires aligned, your air filter checked and your oil changed if needed.

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