Friday, February 20, 2009

TIP#51: Brown Bag Lunch saves about $112/mo!

Brown bag your lunch and cut back on eating lunch out. Make it a once-a-week treat on Friday, maybe. (You'll find eating out is much more fun when you only do it occasionally!) You'll save about $112/mo. Assuming the cost of your average lunch out is $10 per day, and it costs about $3 to bring a frozen dinner or a sandwich and chips, you'll save $7 per day. Multiply that by 4 workdays and you'll save $28 per week or $112 per month!

What could you do with an extra $112 per month?
1) Start a rainy day savings account for vacation? Education? A dream?
2) Pay off debt. Add that $112 to pay down the principal on your mortgage or add it to your credit card payment.
3) Have more fun! Stimulate the economy!

The possibilities are endless. All thanks to a little brown bag...

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