Tuesday, June 23, 2009

TIP: Slow down in work zones - save up to $1000!

TIP: Illinois drivers pay $375 for the first offense of speeding in a work zone and $1000 for the second offense and you'll lose your drivers license for 90 days! Ouch. I didn't realize the fines were that steep in work zones. (Get the details from the Illinois Dept of Transportation.) This summer the IDOT will be using cameras to crack down on speeders. I thought the $75 speeding ticket I got last week was bad...yikes.

In addition to saving yourself from steep speeding tickets, driving slower saves gas, too. According to fueleconcomy.gov, you'll use 5% more gas with every additional 5 MPH that you drive. Fuel economy peaks at 35-55 MPH so slowing down really does use less gas.

Plus, it's safer! You have more time to react to what's happening ahead of you at a slower speed.

Three good reasons to slow down.

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