Thursday, November 15, 2007

Cruisin' Your Way to Lower Gas Bills

Here's a tip from The Daily Green on how to reduce your gas bills by using cruise control - and saving money on speeding tickets by slowing down . . . sensible advice!

"Worried about sky high gas prices? Did you know that by keeping your car
at a steady speed, cruise control helps save gas. It can also help save you
money in tickets, since you can stay “under the radar,” by avoiding the creeping
increase in speed that tends to plague drivers on long, boring hauls.

Whenever you hit the accelerator, you burn a lot of gas. Braking wears out
the pads, and forces you to use more gas to speed back up. Your vehicle’s
systems perform most efficiently at a constant rate.

Although fuel economy can vary significantly with model and conditions, the optimal range of efficiency is generally between 25 and 55 mph, according to the EPA. On the open road, try not to exceed 55, and try to stay steady at the speed limit on city streets. You’ll get there. "

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