Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Save Gas, Cut Carbon Emissions, Burn Calories

Here's a way you can do all three - it's simple too. This tip is from The Daily Green. Check it out.

"When you are picking up food, doing your banking or even filling a prescription,
park your vehicle and walk inside instead of using the drive-through. It will
cut down on unnecessary fuel use as well as carbon emissions.

Every time you use a drive-through, you burn about 18 cents worth of gas idling your car. According to Quick Service Restaurant Magazine, the average drive-through wait time once the order is taken is three minutes. Add the minute or two that it takes to place the order, and that means one billion car-minutes spent idling
each year in front of Burger King restaurants alone! Estimates for total fuel
costs for idling in front of every drive-through in America are in the hundreds
of millions of dollars.

Parking your car and getting out also allows an opportunity to stretch your legs. Given the obesity epidemic in this country, any chance to get your body moving is also nothing to scoff at. Getting out also gives you the chance to throw away garbage, so you will be less tempted to toss litter out your window later on."

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