Tuesday, May 6, 2008

iBelong Hits the Airwaves!

About 30 minutes ago at 6:51 AM I heard our iBelong radio ad running on WLIT 93.9 FM, the Lite. It sounded wonderful – it was a very warm and positive message. I was so proud! Great time slot, too! I'm so happy that the credit unions of Illinois are pooling our resources to spread the word about credit unions to consumers in our state. So many consumers just don't know what they're missing by not belonging to a credit union. And others who already belong, probably don't realize that the reason they're so happy is because of the credit union difference - our not-for-profit, member owned structure that makes us really focus on the needs of our members.

The iBelong campaign is also a beautiful example of the credit union philosophy and spirit. Here we have hundreds of credit unions from across Illinois, many that compete in the same market, who have pooled their funds to advertise together. That's what I love about credit unions - we have a spirit of cooperation that is rarely found in other industries. Proof positive that we live up to our promise, I think.

Check out the TV commercials that are running for the next 3 weeks on cable stations through out the state. THe campaign shows credit union members telling their story of why they love their credit union. At Hawthorne, we're running a giveaway contest where you can win a $100 Visa Gift Card if you tell us your story of why you like Hawthorne. Check that out at eHawthorne.org

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