Tuesday, April 21, 2009

TIP: Free Movies

This week I borrowed "Gone With the Wind" from the Saint Charles Public Library. My 13-year-old daughter hadn't seen it. The only reason she knew of it was the Great Movie Ride at Walt Disney World. She is now on a quest to see all the movies in the Great Movie Ride, but the classics are hard to find at Blockbuster; they tend to carry more current stuff.

But, I found "Gone With the Wind" at the library - so I borrowed it for FREE (!) and I got to keep it for a week. I just renewed it for another week. (It's 3 hours long! So it's taking us a couple days to get through it.) It's a great movie - I forgot how rich the characters are.

So check out the library - it's a great way to save money on books, music and movies.

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