Tuesday, April 7, 2009

TIP: Save $63 per year with BillPayer

TIP: Switch from paper checks to BillPayer and save about $63 per year. Let's say you pay 10 bills each month, you'll be paying $4.40 per month when the price of first class postage goes up May 11. That means you could save $52.80 per year if you use free online BillPayer. (I can't imagine why you wouldn't use BillPayer, I can't imagine life before BillPayer. It takes me a fraction of the time to pay bills with BillPayer than it did in the days of writing checks.)

Plus if you figure in the cost of checks and you save more. If a box of 150 checks costs $10, then it costs about 6 cents per check. You'll go through about 1 box of checks each year just paying bills. Add $10 savings to your $52.80. (Just use your Visa Check Card and forget checks altogether!)

You're also saving paper, which is good for the environment. Add electronic statements and eBill to your bill paying routine and you're saving even more paper. The Daily Green suggests BillPay as a great way to save money, energy and paper.

All you need to sign up for BillPayer is a Hawthorne Checking Account and online banking. Then, just pay at least one bill per month and BillPayer is free.

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