Saturday, March 24, 2007

Kudos to Claudia

It is not very often that a member tracks down our Sales & Service Manager to give a compliment about one of our employees. But that's exactly what happened this week.

This gentleman has been a member since the early days of our credit union when it was housed at at Western Electric's Hawthorne Works Plant in Cicero (which closed down in the mid-80s, so this is a long term member!) He said he has always been happy with our service (when he said that she got a little nervous, waiting for the big BUT that usually follows a comment like that...).

He told her that he had the great pleasure of having Claudia help him today with his account, which he had a few questions about. He said that Claudia was very pleasant and didn’t make him feel as if his questions were a bother. He was very happy to work with her and wanted to make sure she was recognized for being so helpful.

Great Job, Claudia!! She is a great asset to Hawthorne, and always has a great big smile on her face.

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