Saturday, March 24, 2007

Fraud Alert

We get notices a couple times a week when a new kind of scam is discovered. We'll let you know about them when we hear about them.

Here’s a scam that has been occurring in the Livonia, Michigan area. Consumers in the 734 area code have been receiving an automated telephone message that instructs them that their credit card has been compromised and they should call a toll free number to verify their account information. When they call, the scammers ask for their credit card number, PIN and expiration date.

Please be extremely careful with your credit card information and social security number. Be very careful who you give your personal information to. Identity thieves getting more clever every day. They come up with new ways to trick consumers into giving up information. Hawthorne staff will never call you or email you to ask for your personal information. If you ever get a suspicious phone call, hang up and call us right away.

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  1. Hi Sandy. I have been reading through your blogs and they all look great. Talk to you soon.