Friday, January 30, 2009

4 Easy Ways To Save on Your Electricity Bill

Recently, I received an email containing tips on how my family and I can save money on our electric bill. With the worsening economy, we are all looking for ways to cut down on our monthly expenses. Whether it’s spending less on groceries, making fewer trips to the mall, or decreasing unnecessary spending, or even cutting down a little on your electric bill, every bit helps.

1. Turn Your Lights Off

You may already know that compact fluorescent lights (CFLs) use about 75% less energy than standard incandescent light bulbs and can last up to ten times longer. What you may not know: Turning off CFLs when exiting a room for less than 15 minutes costs more than leaving them on. So if you are likely to be back in that part of your house within 15 minutes, leave the lights on to save!

2. Use Task Lighting

Why pay to brightly light an entire room if you’re working in just a portion of it? Instead, try focusing light only where you need it: on your desk when paying bills in your home office, under the kitchen cabinets when chopping ingredients for dinner, or on a side table when reading in bed.

3. Install Ceiling Fans

Moving air tends to help you feel warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, allowing for lower wintertime and higher summertime thermostat settings. The effect is equivalent to about 4 Degrees Fahrenheit, and using less energy than air conditioners and furnaces in doing so.

4. Perform Routine Maintenance on Your Electrical System

Specifically, your electrical panel. It is one of the most important parts of your home’s electrical system. It constantly distributes and receives electricity. The panel protects your home from power surges and other possible hazards. A loose connection in your panel will cause a greater power draw and more heat. This can lead to higher energy usage and potentially a fire. Regular maintenance is recommended once a year by a qualified electrician, to help reduce energy usage and breakdowns.

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