Monday, January 26, 2009

Turn off the lights when you leave the room!

I get tired of reminding my 13 year old to turn off the lights when she leaves the room. (I sound like my father, when did that happen??) Anyway, I read an article on The Daily Green website that suggests installing motion detectors in rooms. That way the lights turn on and off automatically as she comes and goes. Hmm...might be worth a try. (But it does dismiss her from establishing a habit of turning off the lights, it may or not be worthwhile.)

The article also talks about 'energy vampires' - the small appliances that we leave on all the time that suck electricity. The Daily Green suggests these vampires account for about 8% of our electric bill. I think I'll try unplugging the vampires and see if I can see a difference in my bill! I guess it all adds up. I've already bought two "Smart Strip" electric outlets that automatically turn off ancillary appliances when one turns off. For example, you turn off your TV and the DVD, DVR and other stuff turn off too, putting the vampires to sleep.

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