Thursday, January 22, 2009

How much does your purse cost?

I recently had my purse stolen from a local restaurant. It happened in a flash. I turned my head for about 2 minutes and had stepped only about 3 feet away. When I turned back around, my purse was gone. A few people even saw the event - a man picked up my purse awkwardly with two hands and carried it off causing the witnesses to note how odd he looked. The restaurant's cameras caught him running away with my purse and climbing into a car. They could even see the license plate! But because no one could actually describe in detail what he looked like, the police could not track down the owner of vehicle.

By the time I replaced everything, it cost nearly $1000! Here's an estimated breakdown...notice I didn't even have designer purse or wallet!

Purse and wallet - $25
Cell phone - $300
Car keys - $279 (Keys had to be programmed at the dealer!!)
Digital camera - $200
New locks for my house - $50 (Dad did the labor for free. Thanks Dad!)
Cash - $70
Misc stuff (makeup, photos, etc.) - $50
Estimated total: $974

Fortuantely for me, my Onstar service paid for towing to the dealership so that the thief couldn't come back and steal my car. In addition to these costs, I spent hours that night cancelling all my credit cards and several weeks replacing credit cards, drivers license, etc. Reloading all my contacts into my new phone, waiting several hours at the dealership getting my keys replaced, hours driving to and waiting at the DMV for my new license.

I had no idea what an enormous hassle and expensive ordeal a seemingly simple loss would be! And I'll never let my purse out of my sight again.

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