Monday, August 31, 2009

TIP: Save on video rentals at your library

TIP: Check out videos at your library, save $8-10 each week...or $416-520 per year! If you're a movie fan, you must check out your library. I love the library. This weekend I checked out four movies that I can keep until Sept. 5 - that's seven days. And it cost me nothing!

It would've cost me about $8-10 at Blockbuster. But I didn't spend one dollar, not even a penny. Sure, they don't have the new releases, but there are plenty of movies I haven't seen but have been on my list to see, including, "Along Came Polly" with Jennifer Anniston, "Little Miss Sunshine" with Steve Carrell, and "Tea with Mussolini" with Cher. I also checked out an educational DVD and a bunch of books. While I was there I put holds on 5 books I'd like to read. The library sends me an email when they come in and holds them for me.

Besides not costing anything, I love that if I don't like these movies or the books don't interest me, I just give them back. No risk. No money spent.

A couple days before my items are due, I get an email reminder (I love Email Notices, like the ones we offer!) I can renew items several times without even going to the library - they have online renewal. It doesn't get better than that!

And the Naperville Public Library is giving us another reason to love the library. The month of September is "Show Us Your Library Card" month. At retailers around the town, if you show your library card you get special deals. At Hawthorne, we're giving library cardholders free coin counting. So bring your coin jar this month and Show Us Your Library Card!

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