Thursday, August 27, 2009

TIP: Turn off your PC, save $90 per year

In one year, if you shut your computer off before bed each night, you’ll save an average of $90 worth of electricity, according to the Department of Energy and The Daily Green. Go one step further and turn off all the ancillary stuff too, like your printer, monitor, scanner, modem and fax machine, which use electricity even when you're not using them. But rather than having to power down all the gadgets attached to your PC, invest in a Smart Strip Power Strip. This power strip is smart enough to know when you power down the main appliance, it automatically turns off other items that you use with it. It works great with computer set ups and for entertainment centers. You can arrange to have the DVD player, stereo, etc turn off when your television set is turned off. I installed these earlier this year. It's hard to tell how much it's saving me, but it must be saving something because all those appliances were always running before and now they're not!

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  1. This is great information. We have a few computers runnning in the house and it is very time consuming shutting everything off every night.