Thursday, May 21, 2009

TIP: 5 Delicious Meals for Under $10!

During these difficult financial times I often find myself trying to figure out how to cut cost on groceries and still cook nice dinners for my family. I cut coupons and we shop at Aldi, but I still have trouble figuring out how to prepare a delicious meal for less money and not get any complaints from my husband and son. Sometimes they can be very picky eaters.

Earlier this week on MSN I saw an article titled 5 Delicious Meals for Under $10. So last night I decided to take a look and was surprised to see that the site really has some great ideas. I think that I will give some of the recipes a try this weekend.

The name of the site is I thought was a really cute name, because every time my 8 year old son Zach eats something that he likes, he puts his fingers together (like he is Italian) and says delish!

Click here for the exact link to the meals under $10 recipes or just go to Good luck with your cooking and let me know if you find a dinner that is really good. I will do the same!

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