Friday, May 1, 2009

TIP: Ways to Boost your Emergency Fund

Have you noticed that more than ever you are hearing about the necessity of having an emergency fund? What, an emergency fund? Many of us during these difficult times have found it challenging to have the daily funds to pay all of our bills, let alone an emergency fund.

We all hope that an emergency will never come. We hope that we will always have a job and that we will stay healthy, but eventually reality could rear its ugly head and that emergency fund would come in handy.

With any luck most of us have at least had a chance to get started on creating our emergency fund (even if it is just a small amount of money), the question now is how to take steps to increase that fund.

Everyone seems to be giving tips on this subject lately. Anytime you search the internet or watch the news you are bound to see or hear someone stressing the importance of creating this safety net.

Click here for some great tips from the blog Consumerism Commentary that I have used to help my family increase our emergency fund. I have not been able to implement all of these tips, but some of them have really helped us. Good luck!

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