Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Saving More - My New Year resolution!

How are you doing keeping up with the New Year’s Resolution’s you made for 2010? I know that I have already given up on a few of mine. I read a great blog post on the blog "The Big Picture" called How to Keep Your New Year Resolutions. (I think that I might need to read this article again).

The only resolution I have been able to keep (this is day 12) is our family commitment to try and save a little bit more money every month. My only saving grace has been that I have an automatic savings plan (my 401K), but this year I want to try and cut more corners to try and save more. I found a great article on MSN that gives some great ways to cut back on things to help increase your savings. It is titled 9 sneaky tips for saving more and gives some great ways to help you build that “cash cushion” and keep the money saved.

You will notice that the article talks about Bank of America's “Keep the Change” and Capital One's “SmartCents” programs. They take money out of your checking account and automatically put it in your savings account. This is a great way to help you save money, but Hawthorne Credit Union has a much better program that actually gives you money back. We give you
Cash Back with your Hawthorne Visa Check Card!

There's no catch! Free Checking that pays you Cash Back. It can be better than interest... It's like getting paid for shopping or paying bills. Every time you use your Hawthorne Visa Check Card with your Cash Back Checking account and sign/choose "credit", you'll get 5 cents back at the end of the month. It really adds up!

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