Wednesday, January 6, 2010

TIP: I'm saving $864 this year at my Park District

I love my park district. I'm saving bundles of money ($864 this year!) and getting more classes. I've had an expensive Boot Camp habit for the past 2 years. I'm grateful for that class because it elevated my fitness level and I learned a lot about weight training. But at $120 per month for my twice-a-week 60-min class at the local health club, it's pretty pricey. I discovered some classes at my local Park District that will accomplish much of what I'm gaining from Boot Camp for a lot less money.

I'm signed up for 2 45-min Cardio Interval classes AND a 60 min Spinning class. The class started on Monday and runs through the end of March. All for the sweet price of $144.

So let's add it up....Boot Camp costs me $360 for 3 months (2xs/week at $15 per class or $1,440 per year). My Park District classes cost me $144 for 3 months (3xs/week at $4 per class or $576 per year).

Gotta love the Park District! Check out your Park District or YMCA today.

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