Monday, January 4, 2010

TIP: Use surcharge-free ATMs and save big this year

Use Surcharge-Free ATMs. Banks and other ATM owners charge surcharges to use their ATMs. Add to that your bank’s foreign fee and you could be dinged $5.00+ just to make an ATM withdrawal at an ATM outside of your bank’s network. This can add up to hundreds of dollars in fees a year! But you are in luck! We are a member of Allpoint, America’s largest surcharge-free ATM network AND the Co-Op and STARsf networks, too. This means you have surcharge-free access to over 57,000 ATMs worldwide. And finding one is easy - when you're on the go just point your phone's internet browser to or find a surcharge-free ATM here.

Better a Hawthorne Cash Back Checking account. You'll get 6 free PIN transactions each month so you can use almost any ATM plus have access to 57,000 surcharge-free ATMs!


  1. I think Hawthorne would really be looking out for us IF THEY DID NOT CHARGE a fee for using my debit card at a retail store! I found out the hard way last month that if I DID NOT INSIST that the cashier run my debit card through as credit - Hawthorne would charge me DEBIT FEES! Many of these cases, I simply handed my card to the cashier and I allowed them to run th card through. I did ot want cash back - but because I entered in a PIN Hawthorne sees this as an ATM transaction! That's NOT RIGHT HAWTHORNE!

  2. Actually we are looking out for you because it costs the credit union money when you use your PIN, that's why we limit the number to 6 each month. We're hoping you don't mind the minor inconvenience of saying "credit" instead of using your PIN. When the credit union saves money, we have more to put back into the credit union. Thanks so much for your comment!

  3. I called into HCU because an ATM marked for free
    in HCU list said I would be charged a fee. The response from HCU was that it is free and because I am at step four there would not be a charge even if the ATM said there would be. I went back a while later(7-11 on Bailey & Washington) and used the ATM. Yep, got my statement and was charged for the usage. I noticed that ATM was been dropped from the list
    of free ATM's in the HCU Star network. I'm not happy, this is the second "free" ATM that has
    charged my account. Do I need to change banks
    to use free ATM's near my house?

  4. That sounds like an error we should be able to resolve for you. If you'll send me your name and contact info, I can look into it for you. My email is