Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Cash for Clunkers and Enterprise Used Car Sales...two great options

I've been thinking about a new car. There are two offers I'm thinking about, one of them is the Cash for Clunkers deal that started yesterday. Cash for Clunkers offers up to $4,500 in government incentives for those who trade in an old gas guzzler. But here's the catch: it only works out for you if your trade in vehicle is worth less than the rebate. And unless your vehicle is paid off, it may not work out for you. MSN included a story of a couple who traded in their old truck for a new mini van and it saved them from upcoming maintenance costs. Dealers are expecting big sales from it. Let's hope the financing is made responsibly...so that the desire to sell cars doesn't get folks into loans they can't repay. If you're thinking this deal might work for you, come to Hawthorne. We'll get you pre-approved and ready to go when you walk into the dealer. Read more about Cash For Clunkers and check out Hawthorne's rates.

If Cash for Clunkers doesn't work out for you, check out Enterprise Car Sales. You can get a great no-haggle deal on a terrific used auto from Enterprise. Buy before July 31 and you could get a free 32" TV when you also finance your vehicle through Hawthorne!

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