Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Give a fan a whirl and save

This summer has been unusually cool in Chicago, I was complaining yesterday to a friend on the west coast. I'm craving a trip to the pool and I'm feeling cheated because mid 70s is not pool weather. On the other hand, it's been very nice to have the windows open all summer and not hear the hum of air conditioners outside my window at night. Instead, I've been using a fan in my room. I've grown accustomed to the cool breeze and gentle hum of it. It seems to be helping me sleep. That and the sound of the birds outside my window in the morning...quite pleasant. I wouldn't be enjoying that if the air conditioning was running.

Although, according to this article in The Daily Green, a fan helps cool the air in the room and used with the air conditioner, can be very effective, making the room feel 7-10 degrees cooler! Give a fan a whirl!

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