Thursday, July 23, 2009

Free Flat Screen TVs making members smile!

The staff has been sharing with me stories about members who've been really happy with their experience of buying a car at Enterprise Used Car Sales. Right now Enterprise is giving away a free 32" flat screen TV when you buy a car and finance it with Hawthorne....nothing like a free TV to make folks smile! But beyond that they're saying how easy and hassle-free their car buying experiences have been. Gotta love that! I'm thinking about trying out Enterprise myself...I'll share my experiences, too. Here's what our staff is hearing:

Hi all,
I just had the pleasure of waiting on a Mr. H when he came in to withdraw a check from his account payable to Enterprise Car Sales. I started asking Mr. H about the recent car purchase (an 08 Chevy Malibu to be exact). He learned of the sale from our email notifications/blasts. He said it was a great experience…knowing that there was not going to any haggling or price bickering. He traded in a vehicle
and got $500 above blue book. He stated that he was letting all of his
friends and family know about Enterprise & stress free experience he

Jennifer C, Branch Manager

Hey there,
I also had a new member came in yesterday that been coming in with a [third party] check. I had been talking to him about the credit union and I also talked to him about Enterprise. He always told me he would be back. Well yesterday he came in and again I talked to him. He had his wife with him and I told him about our services and he did a car loan with Angie and also I told him about our mortgages and he liked the 15 year so hopefully he does that too.

Laura, Teller

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