Wednesday, July 1, 2009

"You've Got Money!"...what a great email to get!

I'm beta testing the credit union's new Email Notice service and it's pretty cool! While hiking in the woods in Natural Bridge State Park in Slade, Kentucky this past weekend, I got an email on my mobile phone with a subject line that said, "You've Got Money!" and the message was about my paycheck that was deposited to my account that day. Cool. Gotta love technology. (Here's a photo of me and my daughter...hiking in the woods when I got the good news!)
Other notices I'll get include a withdrawal of a certain amount, a check that clears, an overdraft :-( ...don't want to get those, but it'll be nice to know ASAP if it happens.

Email Notices will be available to all members mid-July - if you have online banking with a valid email address, you'll automatically have Email Notices, just go in and set up your preferences. If you have a checking account but not online banking, what are you waiting for? It's free and it'll allow you to get Email Notices. Sign up at

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